Strong-Correlation Hybrid Materials Research Team

Team Leader

Yoshihiro Iwasa

  • D.Eng.
  • Yoshihiro Iwasa
  • Brief resume
    Ph. D., University of Tokyo
    Research Associate, Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo
    Lecturer, Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo
    Associate Professor, School of Materials Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
    Professor, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
    Professor, Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo (-current)
    Team Leader, Strong-Correlation Hybrid Materials Research Team, RIKEN (-current)


Strong-Correlation Hybrid Materials Research Team

The aim of our team is to establish new electronic functions and related concepts of strongly correlated electron systems by hybridization of inorganic and organic materials. Particular attention is paid to the electric double layers that are self-organized at the electrochemical interface between solids and liquids. At this interface, the produced electric field reaches one or two orders of magnitude larger than that in the conventional solid-state devices. We will fabricate electric double layer transistors on a variety of solids, including strongly correlated oxides and topological insulators, and construct a new paradigm of electric field induced phase transitions and their control, which have been believed to be extremely difficult or impossible in conventional solid devices. Our targets include electric field induced superconductivity, Mott transition and magnetic transition, as well as electric field manipulation of spin polarization, optical functions and their device applications.

Recent Research Topic

Electric Double Layer Transistor of Graphene
Fig. 1: Electric Double Layer Transistor of Graphene
(a) Conceptual cross section. A large electric field on the graphene surface allows high density charge carrier accumulation. (b) Schematic view of the device. (c) Optical micrograph of the device fabricated by electron beam lithography covered with ionic liquid.

Selected Publications

  1. J. T. Ye, et al. Accessing the transport properties of graphene and its multilayers at high carrier density, Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA 2011, 108, 13002.
  2. H. T. Yuan, et al. Liquid-Gated Ambipolar Transport in Ultrathin Films of a Topological Insulator Bi2Te3, Nano Lett. 2011, 11, 2601.
  3. Y. Kasahara, et al. Electric-Field-Induced Superconductivity Detected by Magnetization Measurements of Electric-Double-Layer Capacitor, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 2011, 80, 023708.
  4. J. T. Ye, et al. Liquid gated interface superconductivity in an atomically flat film, Nat. Mater. 2010, 9, 125.
  5. T. Kaji, T. Takenobu, A. F. Morpurgo, Y. Iwasa, Organic single-crystal Schottky gate transistors, Adv. Mater. 2009, 21, 3689.
  6. Y. Kasahara, et al. Enhancement of pairing interaction and magnetic fluctuations toward a band insulator in electron-doped LixZrNCl superconductor, Phys. Rev. Lett. 2009, 103, 077004.
  7. K. Ueno, et al. Electric-field-induced superconductivity in an insulator, Nat. Mater. 2008, 7, 855.

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Sunao Shimizu Postdoctoral Researcher    
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